Nurse Marta Brazão
Nurse Marta Brazão

Allow me tell you a little story.

About 11 years ago, my paternal grandmother was hospitalized. Naturally, we went to visit her as a family, but as we were the four underage siblings, we had to take it in turns. We went by age, so I went first. The story goes that in the end, when my father brought in my younger brother, I asked to go back in one more time. My parents report that, from that moment, they knew that nursing would be a very strong possibility. What really interested me was going to see the whole hospital environment that surrounded my grandmother, the equipment, the nursing room, having even said that I felt good there. They were right.

I like being a nurse! And I’m very happy with my choice and determined with the path I’ve decided to take.

My name is Marta Brazão, I’m a nurse with 5 years’ experience, a postgraduate degree in Neonatology and I’ve been a specialist maternal health and obstetrics nurse since March 2022. (updated December 2022)

Gamine is the beginning of a stage in the adventure that began 11 years ago in that hospital. It’s a project that I intend to build for future and new parents, who are also embarking on their own adventure, that of motherhood and fatherhood, and with them, continue to make it grow.

We want you to feel safe here to undertake the greatest adventure of your lives, and we will be here to support you in this transition.

Lisbon, December 2021