And now what?

Now that you have a child in your arms, you can’t think of a happier moment than this!

The responsibility of caring for a newborn takes up all your time, and still having some time for yourself requires adjustments that aren’t always easy to find.

What is the postpartum period like?

The postpartum period is a time when most mothers refrain from worrying so much about their self-careand focus almost entirely on the needs of the newborn.

But the fact is that pregnancy brought many changes to the body and it needs time (which seems difficult at this point) to rest and recover.

The challenges, both physically and emotionally, are defiant with all that is required of the new mother, who is still recovering herself.

What does postpartum massage consist of?

Postpartum massage is a body massage applied in the first 12 weeks after giving birth and can be a good help to women, not only in their recovery, but also in managing their new routine.

How, specifically, can massage help?

As well as providing a moment’s respite for the mother to relax, postpartum massage has physical and psychological benefits:

Aumento da circulação

Redução da dor muscular que se acumula durante o período da gravidez, dor de cabeça, dor de costas e desconforto no pescoço

Redução do inchaço, com promoção da drenagem do excesso de líquidos

Alívio das dores musculares abdominais

Recuperação da diástase de pós-parto

Promoção da sensibilidade e recuperação de cicatrizes de cesariana

Melhoria da qualidade do sono, com um alívio da fadiga, essencial para uma recuperação plena

Ajuda no equilíbrio emocional do pós-parto

Diminuição do risco de depressão pós-parto

Redução do nível de stress



Gamine’s postpartum massage will always be subject to a prior assessment of the puerperal woman in order to adapt it to her needs.

The massage lasts 1 hour

Relieve NB edema, relieve back pain, recover from caesarean scar, recover from abdominal diastasis

Service also available as a gift voucher.

Single Massage 50€

Pack of 5 massages* 225€

Pack of 10 massages* 399€

An additional 0.5€/Km for driven distances over 20 Km (from Av. Elias Garcia, Lisbon)
*Massage packs can be used during pregnancy and in the postpartum period.