Pregnancy is a special and unique moment for every woman who goes through it, and it brings with it enormous expectations.

However, the physical and psychological changes that go with it are likely to generate some discomfort in the woman and affect both her well-being and that of the fetus.

Studies indicate that pregnancy massage has a positive impact on women, reducing negative symptoms such as headaches, backaches, joint pain, cramps, sleep disturbances and anxiety (El-Hosary et al., 2016). They also recommend that it be implemented as a routine in prenatal care.

This way, a qualified health intervention during this prenatal massage period will not only help to relieve the various symptoms, but will also help women to experience the pregnancy process in a positive and balanced way, transforming this phase into a more relaxed and peaceful period.

The many emotional benefits that prenatal massage can bring are not to be overlooked, in particular with regard to the attachment between the mother-to-be and her baby and acceptance of her pregnant body.

Now, what exactly are the physical benefits of massage in pregnancy, as mentioned in various studies?

Sistema Circulatório

A massagem vai promover a circulação venosa e a percussão do oxigénio, fazendo com que o edema diminua e a circulação linfática melhore


Com o incremento da consciencialização das áreas corporais com maior acumulação de tensão muscular, é possível aliviar a sobrecarga nas articulações e atenuar as diferentes dores existentes a nível da coluna

Sistema Hormonal

Favorecendo a libertação de endorfinas, a massagem promove a diminuição da dor, da fadiga, do stress e das insónias relacionadas com a gravidez

Finally, it’s important to talk about the opportunity that prenatal massage represents.

Everyday life absorbs us with its unstoppable pace. This is a marvellous chance to create time and space for women to relax.

And living fully your pregnancy.

The massage lasts 1 hour

Massage relieves various symptoms inherent to pregnancy and helps women to experience this moment in a positive and balanced way, for a more relaxed and peaceful period.

Service also available as a gift voucher.

Single Massage 50€

Pack of 5 massages* 225€

Pack of 10 massages* 399€

*Massage packs can be used during pregnancy and in the postpartum period.
There is an additional charge of 0.5€/Km for driven distances over 20Km (from Av. Elias Garcia, Lisbon),