Preparing for the arrival of a new family member can be stressful, mainly if it’s the first time.

This workshop aims to provide as much information as possible, both theoretical and practical, so that parents can feel more confident in caring for their newborn when the time comes.

It can be done individually or as a couple and is always delivered at home so that you can train your skills in your own space.

The workshop covers the following topics:

Como segurar um bebé

Nos braços, em pé, no colo

Vestir e despir

Todos os tipos de roupa

Mudar fralda

É limpeza do rabo, menina Vs menino

Dar banho

Produtos, temperatura da água, banheira


Limpeza do coto umbilical, limpeza dos olhos, limpeza do nariz, unhas

Posições de amamentação

Almofada de amamentação, almofadas normais, diferentes posições

Posições de dormir

Cuidados a ter, barriga para cima ou de lado

Segurança no carro

Como pôr no ovo, como fechar, folga do cinto

Manobra de desengasgamento

Como identificar, o que fazer


By addressing these issues and, consequently, training the parents, they will be better prepared and more confident when the time comes for them to be the ones to provide the care.

The workshop lasts2 hours

Promoting confidence in future parents through the transmission of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Service also available as a gift voucher.

Workshop 75 €

An additional 0.5€/Km for driven distances over 20 kms (from Av. Elias Garcia, Lisbon)