Where can I find more information about your services?

All the information about our services is available on our Instagram page (@Gamine.org), in the highlights entitled “services”, or on our Gamine website, on the specific pages for each service.

Where can I find the prices of the services?

The prices for each service are available on two different sites. You can check them out on our Instagram page (@Gamine.org), where they are highlighted in the “Highlights”, or on our website, on the specific page for each service.

How/where can I make my appointment?

There are three ways to book our services. You can do this via this link, which will take you to Google Calendar, you can fill in the contact form on our website, or you can get in touch with Nurse Marta via our Instagram page (@Gamine.org) or WhatsApp (912315639).

If I buy a package, can I enjoy the massages during pregnancy and after giving birth?

Yes, all Gamine packs are passable and can be used both during pregnancy and postpartum.

Is it possible to transfer the massages in my package to someone else?

No, massages are not transferable between individuals.

What is the geographical scope for home services?

Gamine’s services are exclusively at home and cover an area of up to 20km from our headquarters located at the following address: Av. Elias Garcia 22, 1000-149, Lisbon. For longer distances, a transportation fee applies.

How can I check if I have to pay a transportation fee and how is it calculated?

The transportation fee is only applicable if the client lives outside our area of operation, which covers a distance of 20km from our headquarters. If the journey exceeds this distance (with the head office as the starting point), a transport fee of 0.5€ per additional kilometer will be charged.

Is the couch used suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, the couch used by Nurse Marta has an opening in the abdominal area with a support that holds it up. This opening allows pregnant women to relax, lie on their stomachs and enjoy the massage.