bem estar na gravidez



For as long I’ve recollection, I can remember this word. Without knowing what it meant, I heard it and I still hear it whenever my grandfather talks to my mother.

Gamine in French means child.

Today, this treatment is fully understood. Gamine adds a special touch of warmth and affection to an already special relationship, in this case that of father and daughter.

So when the time came to think of a name for this project, I naturally did so with a close-knit group of people. We resorted to several creative techniques for two hours and came up with many alternatives when suddenly, out of nowhere, we heard “Gamine!”. WOW moment! It was as if everything made sense, everything was clear, it was so obvious, Gamine wasn’t a name, it was THE NAME!

It couldn’t have been better for me, as it’s not only a tribute to my mother, someone who has always been with me at every moment of my life and supported us all, but also a loving term that shows how special the relationship between parents and children is.

Gamine is a project created having in mind all those who are about to become parents, with the aim of enabling the special relationship between parents and children.

Parenthood is a big step, with great changes in life on many levels.

We want you to have a safe space here, with the support and information you need to prepare as well as possible for this new phase in your life. The better prepared they are, the greater their ability to cope with and adapt to change and the lower the level of anxiety it will bring.

Our mission is to help, train and accompany all future parents in the pregnancy and postpartum process.

Our vision is to be a benchmark in pre- and post-natal care.

We monitor the entire period of pregnancy, the puerperium and up to the baby’s first year. With the family.

Allow yourself to experience positive and peaceful parenting.

Gamine is here to help and contribute to the promotion of a special relationship, a Gamine relationship.

You can count on us.




Develop and maintain a relationship of trust by providing a quality, customer-focused service



Promoting a service based on understanding and positive communication, in order to build healthier and more affective human relationships. To be human is to recognize humanity in others



Establishing a relationship based on mutual respect, always the pillar of lasting relationships



Present a safe space free from discrimination, recognizing the individuality and situation of each person